Why you need Security Alarm Systems for Home and Business

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Many people invest everything they have into their homes and business.  So having a security alarm system for either makes perfect sense.

We want to take a look at why you need security alarm systems for your home or business.

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Security Alarm Systems For Business

Generally, people invest a considerable amount of money into their business, which is why you need a security alarm system for your home and business to protect that investment. Purchasing a security alarm system is a long-term investment so it’s important to purchase the right one for the business.

Sadly criminals see business premises as their own personal bank account and supplier of goods. Unfortunately, once you have been broken into once there is always a risk that it will happen again because the intruders know the layout of your premises.

Installing a security alarm system will help prevent some theft. Of course, there are certainly criminal elements in society that won’t be put off by a security system, but on the whole security alarms systems are a good deterrent.

Planning for a security alarm system

Getting the right advice on security alarms for your premises is vital. Explore all the options before making a purchase.

A CCCTV surveillance system is one option for securing the safety of your business. These security systems supply on average up to 16 cameras that can
be installed in your business. It gives a 24hours surveillance of the business premises that can be viewed in color during the daylight hours or by infrared images at night.

A wireless security alarm System

This system uses several individual sensors throughout the premises, which communicate to the control panel, usually by radio frequency, the panel then
communicates wirelessly to the outside world using a cellular ”uplink”.

This security alarm system has the advantage of not having to have holes drilled into the walls and floors of the premises.

A wired alarm system

This system has wires that connect components to a control panel. This system has wires concealed within the walls and floors and then to the outside world using your telephone line. It is usually connected to the electricity grid, so power is assured without needing to replace anything.

The control panel should always be positioned as close to the main electricity supply or a convenient site so as to give easy access. If the control panel is to be remotely accessed, it’s important to have it in a sealed space.

If a keypad is accessed then it needs to be positioned as close to the main entrance for easy access. The control panel will require codes. There are usually four codes, requiring a four-digit number.

Door and Window Reed switches

These switches are activated if an intruder attempts to enter by the window or forces a door.

Most Businesses would benefit by having a well-known firm install a security alarm system on their premises however with today’s technology, a savvy business owner may be able to purchase and install their own unit providing it has been purchased from a reliable source.

Preventing theft is why you need a security alarm system for your home and business.

Homes and security alarm systems

Is it worth investing in a security alarm system for your home? Sadly in today’s world where many people prefer to steal rather than do an honest day’s work, so this is why you need a security alarm system to deter opportunistic thieves.

Like many businesses, once your home has been broken into once, there is always a chance that it will happen again, sometimes several times by the same criminal.

There are many types of security alarm systems on the market today. From motion sensors to wired alarms.

What a home security system needs

Your security alarm system should include at least 3 detectors for the average low set home and five for an average high set home.

An internal siren, and an external siren with a strobe light that has a 24-hour battery backup.

It should ideally have anti-tamper switches on the siren, the control panel, and the detectors.

The keypad should also be user-friendly.

Wireless Vs wired alarms

A wireless system is easily installed by the homeowner. It is the first step in securing your home from intruders. It comes with components that will allow you to secure doors windows, entryways, and driveways. In fact any area of concern.

A wired security alarm system is ideal for larger homes and should be installed by a reputable firm. These are connected to power and require little maintenance.

An intruder may be brazen enough to smash a window in an attempt to enter a home. A security alarm system will trigger off an alarm once a window is broken or opened.

To help prevent this from happening, and installed indoor detector will cover up to a 15-meter radius through doorways and hallways. If an intruder forces a door this too will trigger an alarm.

Installing a high decibel alarm system will be loud enough to alert neighbors that an intruder has entered the home, and hopefully the noise of the alarm will frighten off the intruder before they have an opportunity to steal your precious belongings.

Insurance and your alarm system

There are some insurances companies that will offer discounted premiums if they are notified that the homeowner has a reliable quality security alarm system.

So that is another reason why you should install a security alarm system in your home or business. Not only do you save money on insurance but you will be avoiding the cost of replacing stolen items. Not to mention any damage that some criminals manage to do to some homes.

Some people would say that there are arguments for and against, why you need a security alarm system for your home and business.

For having an alarm

  • You will always be alerted if an unauthorized person enters the home.
  • The alarm sound will often frighten off a potential burglar.
  • The police may be alerted and dispatched if there is an intruder.

Against having an alarm

  • It is important to remember to set the alarm every time you leave home.
  • You will also have to remember to reset it when you return home.

There are some determined experienced thieves who will also enter your home even if there are sensor lights or an alarm system. So there is a chance that it may not work on these types of criminals.

If you continually set the alarm off accidentally and the police are dispatched, you may be charged for their time.

It can lead to a false sense of security.

On the whole, the reasons why you should install a security alarm system far outweigh the reasons not to.  Be mindful of purchasing the system from a reputable dealer and get the right advice for your premises.


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