Why a Motion Detector Is A Crucial Part Of Your Security

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The motion detector is the main component of a security system. It detects when an unwanted intruder is in your home. It uses various technologies to detect motion in a home.

Should you choose to have a professional contractor set of a Motion Detector, be guided by their suggestions as to the best position to have them installed.

Motion detectors on security systems

In a home security system, there are two types of motion detectors. There is a passive infrared motion detector that works by deflecting heat given off by humans and animals. A siren will sound if there is an excessive amount of energy detected.

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An active inferred motion detector is designed to set off an alarm via an electrical signal connected to light as soon as the beam is broken.

The Microwave detector will send out pulses and will measure the reflection of the moving object. They will cover a larger area than the inferred Motion Detector but may be subject to electrical interference. They tend to be more expensive to purchase also.

A Motion Detector is designed is to detect an intruder and sends an alert which in turn alerts a monitoring company. They will work when the home is unoccupied so that if you are away for a length of time, you can have an easy mind as to the safety of your home and contents.

A Motion Detector can be armed to a camera and when there is an unusual amount of movement in the security zone it will send a message to alert the camera to start filming the area. This usually gives a clear picture of the intruder.

A Motion Detector light is a small electronic eye that detects heat waves from moving objects. When it detects movement it will turn on some lights.

There is another Motion Detector sometimes used. It is an Occupancy Sensor. It is designed to detect a person or persons in a room or it can be used to turn on ventilation systems or air conditioners.

Installing wireless motion detectors

Most of today’s security systems are wireless and are easily set up by a homeowner. They can be integrated with other security system components.

A video Motion Detector starts recording when they detect movement. These are quite a good option as they record hours of footage with nothing happening. They only record movement as it happens.

A detector will work best when the intruder walks parallel to the sensor. So by selecting an area like a hallway or a narrow pathway you will almost be guaranteed to catch the intruder.

Motion Detectors aren’t just for security, they can be used to open and close doors and electronic gates. They have been installed to use for turning off and on water faucets and even toilets. ATMs even have Motion Detectors installed in them.

Solar power is becoming more popular when installing motion detector lights. There is no wiring involved and will cover an area of around 10feet. They are excellent for an outdoor area as a bright light activates when it detects movement.

Motion Detectors aren’t just extras in a security system they are an essential part of security for your home, to deter intruders.

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