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A driveway alarm is installed to detect a vehicle or person entering the property via the driveway of a home. It is often incorporated in a security system that has been installed in a home.

The question of whether you should install a Driveway Alarm depends on the level of security you wish to have to protect your property. It is recommended as it is a sure-fire way to ensure the safety of your family and home and contents. Some insurance companies will give discounts if they are aware that you have such security measures as a Driveway Alarm system.

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How does a driveway alarm system work?

A driveway alarm system may be a wired or wireless security system. If you don’t have a landline, like many people are an option to go down that path, your alarm system may be connected to the internet via wireless technology.

Usually, a Driveway Alarm is mounted on a gatepost at the entrance to your driveway.  Which sets an alarm off when someone moves in front of the sensor. It usually has a chime to alert you to an intruder.

The two types of alarms

A wired system may be the option for some homeowners. It can be wired into an automated program that will be programmed to do certain things at specific times. For instance, it may turn the lights on when a car drives onto the property so that you aren’t coming into a darkened area.

A wired sensor is excellent for alerting the homeowner when a heaver object such as a car is entering the driveway. It may detect vehicles from around a 12-foot radius from the sensor.

A wireless sensor uses a beam of light and sets off an alarm when something breaks the beam. It operates over a 1,000 feet radius between the sensor and the control panel receiving the signal. Additional sensors may be installed in the advent of a long driveway.

DYI driveway alarms

Homeowners should be capable of installing a wireless Driveway Alarm system themselves.  But it would be wise to have professionals install a wired system.

Driveway Alarm Systems are a great addition to an existing security system.  You will always be alerted to vehicles entering your property, as they pass the sensors.

There are two types of systems you could use. An Infrared system will alert you to everything that moves. People, vehicles, and animals. Once the beam is broken an alert is sent to your control panel. It may be a siren or a chime, depending on your preference.

You can also be alerted to just vehicles entering the driveway.  Just install a metal sensing sensor.  As its the best to detect the movement of large metal objects like cars or trucks. This will eliminate any false alerts of people passing or animals moving through the property.

Elderly people still living in their own homes may be less worried about intruders to their homes if they have a driveway alarm system installed. Combined with a home security alarm system, they would be well and truly protected.

You can add flashing lights as one of the components of a driveway alarm. Which is perfect for anyone that has a hearing problem.

Installing a driveway alarm is a great safety step for any homeowner.


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