Do You Need a Security Alarm ?

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It’s simple really.  Who will protect your home when you’re not in residence? You can’t be on guard every hour of the day.  So why not install a Security Alarm.

Apart from having a guard dog on duty twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.  Your home is vulnerable to burglars and opportunistic thieves.

With today’s unemployment rate increasing, more people are turning to crime, and breaking into homes is an easy target for some.

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Why Install a Security Alarm

It is important to research just what is the best Security Alarm system that will be suitable for your home before committing to purchase one.

  • Do you want the whole perimeter covered?
  • What exterior lights, if any, that you may want to be installed.
  • Do you want to monitor it yourself?
  • Would you prefer to have professionals install and monitor the Security Alarm?

A Security Alarm is a system that will detect any unauthorized entry to a home. It will help protect from property theft to personal protection.

In some cases, they can be connected to detect fire. These alarm systems may be an intrusion alarm connected to a surveillance system monitored by a firm that deals with security.

There are all types of Security Alarm systems to select from:

Wireless or wired 

Depending on what your requirements are with a Security Alarm, hard-wired systems are more reliable than wireless systems. However wireless systems can be used where wired systems aren’t feasible. Wired systems are usually connected to a landline with a mobile phone used as a backup.

However, with many homeowners opting out of having a landline in their homes these days a wireless Security Alarm system is becoming more popular. Just be aware that wireless systems may be subject to interference and cause the sensor to fail to alert you to an intruder.

  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors are an infrared beam that detects heat from a human or an animal.
  • Siren alarms.
  • Flashing lights.
  • A shatter sensor will pick up on a window breaking.

Surveillance cameras usually have four or five cameras that can be positioned around the home’s interior and exterior. Some may have night vision capabilities. They can be monitored on a computer or mobile phone. It is easily installed by the homeowner and reasonably priced.

A DIY security system is available from most hardware stores and several types are for sale online. They come with a few options. Motion sensors, cameras, flashing lights may be triggered by an alarm.

How does a Security Alarm system work?

Basically, when a door or window has sensors installed in them and they are closed and armed, these sensors communicate by magnetic currents to a control box. Once that door or window has been breached by an intruder the alarms are triggered and alerts the homeowner or security firm that may be under contract to monitor the home.

It is a good idea to double-check that your security alarm installed is armed every time you leave the premises. Don’t forget to disarm it when arriving home.


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