Body Worn Cameras – An Investment in Personal Security

Having a wearable body camera,  can be an a wise investment in your personal security, if you are working with the public.  It doesn’t matter if you are a private investigator, or a member of a drug task force, vice cop, or mall security guard.  A body worn camera will help you records events as they happen.


Why use worn Body Cameras at all ?

You need to use body worn cameras for your public operations, if you want to record the actions that occurred in real time when dealing with public.  Or is you are working covertly, and you need to do it without it being detected.

What type of Body Worn Camera are there ?

How can you be convert or record public interaction –

One way is by using a micro mini wifi camera , You can place it where ever you cant, works via WiFi.  Nothing could be simpler, case closed.

Or you can wear a body camera , there types of camera are used a lot by security guards and police that that are working with public.  Its a great and easy way to record the interactions with the public.,

You can get even sneakier

If you want to be even more covert, Is a baseball cap to conspicuous when you’re wearing that dapper suit you need to wear? Then a super, hi-resolution, color button camera with suit button lens cover is just the ticket for you, and they are great to use with pocket DVRs.

But suits aren’t the only thing you can use these handy little devices on. They also come with cuff button lens covers and shirt button lens covers so you don’t have to worry if it is a hot day and you have taken off your suit jacket or sports coat. Your shirt has you covered.

But what about those female investigators, they need to have some options available to them, too. Well, there are body worn cameras that come inside an attractive purse, which makes it one of the best portable recording devices around, because like your regular purse, it goes anywhere you go, and the mini-DVR can even be concealed inside it.

The truth is in this modern day and age, the onus is on you to prove the course of events that occurred.  A Body worn camera might just be one of the best ways to do that. If you are thinking about a career in protective security try this.

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